Mark B. Timmins / LATEST PAINTINGS 2017-18

Continuing The Childhood Connection...

The focus continues for me from 2017 into 2018 with my art process connecting to childhood through abstraction and metaphor.

I am noticing more Biblical imagery coming through in my work (which connects deeply to my childhood) combined with dreamlike landscapes where figures, animals/birds and terrain all flow in and out of eachother. Myhtological and dreamlike figures are becoming one with their landscapes. There is a constant dialogue between Christian and Pagan symbolism. 

My aim at present is to let the images have more control. There may be less emphasis on images 'making sense' and more emphasis on the surreal dreamy qualities coming through, allowing the picture to speak with its' own language.

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In my studio with ‘Hearing Voices/Country Walk’. 60cm x 76cm Acrylic on canvas 2018
‘Maria’s Despair/ Winter’ 61cm x 61cm Acrylic on Canvas. 2011-2017
‘Hill Of Solace’ 50cm x 40cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
‘All The Possibilities Come Nightfall’ 40cm x 65cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
'Headland' 25cm x 35cm. Acrylic on canvas. 2017
'Beach In Winter' 30cm x 40cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
‘Golden Sea’ 30cm x 60cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
'Sanctuary I' 30cm x 40cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
'Waterside' 30cm x 49cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
‘Monochrome Daydream I’ 30cm x 40cm Acrylic on canvas. 2017
‘Offering’ 50cm x 60cm Acrylic on canvas. 2017
'The Very Last Dance Of The Deluded' 50cm x 70cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
'The Wise Woman's Lullaby (Sleeping Hills)'. 25cm x 35cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
'The Dream Of Being Free To Dream' 40cm x 60cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
'The Garden Inside The Hill' 35cm x 28cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
'The Mirror' 35cm x 28cm Acrylic on canvas. 2017
'Reconciliation' 35cm x 25cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
'January Ghosts' 18cm x 24cm Acrylic on canvas 2017
December 2017