'The Mountain Avery' 395mm x 495mm Acrylic on canvas 2016

The Play Of Light And Darkness

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I hope that you enjoy my paintings and find my work interesting. Here are some of my latest paintings.

Developing themes for 2016 are jubilant and kitsch figures inhabiting a world of darkness and mystery. I am interested in the themes of my own childhood dreams, yearning and nightmare. The fight between joy and sadness and the contrast and interplay between the two.

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'The Tree That Dreamed In Winter' 310mm x 255mm Acrylic on canvas 2016
'Dusk Ferry' 500mm x 600mm Acrylic on canvas 2016
'Subterranean Dreaming' 600mm x 600mm Acrylic on canvas 2016
'The Lake' 600mm X 500mm Acryluc on canvas 2016
'Winter Trinity' 500mm X 600mm Acrylic on canvas 2016
'Entrance To My Lands' 700mm x 500mm Acrylic on canvas 2016.
'Stone Venus (After The Feast)' 595mm x 420mm Acrylic on canvas 2016
'The Tree Of Memory'. 595mm X 495mm. Acrylic on canvas 2016
'Lovers In The Burning Tree (To Follow Or To Stay)' 495mm X 695mm. Acrylics on canvas 2016.
'Fireside'. 555mm X 400mm. Acrylic on canvas. 2016
'Lighthouse (Promise of Summer)' 455mm X 360mm. Acrylic on canvas. 2016
'Love's Shadow (Song of Orpheus)' 500mm x 400mm Acrylic on canvas 2016
'Waiting In The Woods' 405mm x 305mm Acrylic on canvas 2016
'The Lady In The Tree (that only my Mother Can See)' 455mm x 610mm Acrylic on canvas 2016