Mark B. Timmins / PAINTINGS 2015

'The Way Back Home...' 605mm x 805mm Acrylic on canvas 2015

Artist's Statement

Mark Barry Timmins  Artist's Statement  2015

In my paintings, I am trying to get back to a specific time and place in my childhood. A place of spiritual renewal, inspiration and wonder. This place is elusive and mysterious but I am trying to describe it in my work. Sometimes it feels Utopian, sometimes nightmarish, but always strangely familiar.

These images then become reflections of my own personal mythology and perhaps a better way to understand myself.

I paint my interior world. When images come it feels like I am sending postcards back from a distant past with its own set of customs, values and beliefs. I feel like an observer of a place that I don't quite understand yet with a compulsion to note everything down in visual form.


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'The Players (Bird Theatre)' 505mm x 605mm Acrylic on Canvas 2015
'Evening Journey' 405mm x 505mm Acrylic on canvas 2015
'The Curtain' 605mm x 805mm Acrylic on canvas 2015
"Glass Pegasus (For Andrea)' 400mm X 400mm Acrylic on Canvas 2015
'Priestess 1"(detail) 405mm x 300mm Acrylic on canvas 2015
'Painting for a New Home' 605mm x 505mm Acrylic on canvas 2015
'Flight Prayer' 505mm x 405mm Acrylic on Canvas 2015
'Follow Me' 455mm x 355mm Acrylic on canvas 2015
Myself with 'The Way Back Home'. This painting is quite important to me as it is a statement of intent. The image is trying to describe a citadel built to the memory of childhood. There is a space in the centre where you can return to that time of innocence, but of course we all know that you can never truly return.